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Today I collected some items from Grays that will be going into the pack and last weekend we received items from Frontilne. Wait until you see the hats they will look great. There are some entries from a number of people who haven't been to Corowa before and today I received an entry of 4 Land Rovers from the western district of Victoria. There may be another group coming from the Hillston area with up to 8 perenties and these people have never been before. Land Rover numbers are probably up by 15 on the jeep entries.

Looking at the number of entries I have received each day over the past week I feel confidant that we will have at least 320 pre-registered participants. We have ordered 350 hats which are in production at the moment.

Australian Frontline Machinery and Auctioneers from Grays will arrive during the week with 2 vehicles and will set up a stall.
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