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Originally Posted by MicS View Post
I think it might be your E32, which by the way is a D6A, not a D7A (to be more precise, in your pdf the dozer on your first photo - Dozer 'D' in Hanno's post #64 above- is a D6A, located to the right front side of LVT(4) E23, while the one on the second photo, on the left front side of E23, is a D7A).
I see what you mean, and now I think we’re both wrong in some ways I confused E22 and E32 in the photo Hanno also posted; the latter is clearly a D7A, and as you say, I failed to spot that the bulldozer here:

is a D6A.

However, No. E32 is the D7A with the hooks on the back, and No. E22 is the D6A that I thought I didn’t have any close-up pictures of — but did. More rewriting to do for v1.1 …

Originally Posted by MicS View Post
It might be worthwhile to get a higher resolution scan from Beeldbank Zeeuwse to see if the Reg No could be read.
I downloaded it at the highest resolution possible from there, which turns out to be 1417  855 pixels.

(Tip: Dezoomify, though in Safari, that doesn’t let you save the image, so use another browser).

Originally Posted by MicS View Post
I think I can see the remains of AoS 12xx on the right side (left on your photo) of the front plate.
You have better eyes than I do
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