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Thanks Tony, No I havenít bought the engine yet, but he has other earlier ones which I will probably go for instead. I think your suggestion of modifying the sump bottom would be the way forward if I bought it.

Whatís the going rate for a takeout flathead which runs in the UK?

2pdr Tank Hunter Universal Carrier 1942 registered 11/11/2008.
3" Mortar Universal Carrier 1943 registered 06/06/2009.
1941 Standard Mk1 stowage Carrier, Caunter camo.
1941 Standard Mk1 stowage Carrier, light stone.
10 cwt wartime mortar trailer.
1943 Mk2 Daimler Dingo.
1943 Willys MB.
1936 Vickers MG carrier No1 Mk1 CMM 985.
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