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Thanks Tony, No I havenít bought the engine yet, but he has other earlier ones which I will probably go for instead. I think your suggestion of modifying the sump bottom would be the way forward if I bought it.

Whatís the going rate for a takeout flathead which runs in the UK?

2pdr Tank Hunter Universal Carrier 1942 registered 11/11/2008, (runner up 'Best Canadian Vehicle' at War and Peace 2013).
3" Mortar Universal Carrier 1943 registered 06/06/2009, under restoration.
1941 Standard Mk1 stowage Carrier, Caunter camo, under restoration.
1941 Standard Mk1 stowage Carrier, light stone, under restoration.
1943 Centaur 6pdr Gun Tank under restoration.
6 pdr 1943 Anti Tank Gun. under restoration.
10 cwt wartime mortar trailer.
1943 Daimler Dingo
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