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Well, what fun that was! 20 Australian built Carriers (17 in the record making parade), a total of 130 Military Vehicles and hundreds of attendees. It was certainly the biggest event yet with everyone wanting to be there (Where's Euan?). One person drove 3500km from Katherine, Northern Territory (and 3500km home!) and I spoke to International visitors from New Zealand, United States and Luxembourg.
Mishaps were relatively few (3 carriers threw tracks, 1 GPA sank in the river and some people were stung by Bees), but everyone had a good time and there is talk of repeating the Carrier theme again in 2-3 years time. However, that rumour is probably being propagated by Euan.
Star attraction (Well, it turned up late and left early, so it must be a celebrity!) was the 2pdr Anti-Tank Carrier:
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