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Originally Posted by centurion View Post
There were it seems two types of narrow wheelbase 25 pdr equipments. Those with the Mark II carriage which was an Indian design with a special small diameter firing platform (type 22) to match, and those with the Mark III carriage which was originally a Canadian design change, using the type 22 platform but with the hinged trail and sights modified for high angle firing. Both narrow gauge guns were produced for the same reasons - the Mark I carriage 25pdr could not be got through a DC3 (C47, Dakota) side door unless it was dismantled and it could not be towed on jungle or mountain tracks wide enough to take a jeep but two narrow for a normal towing vehicle. Both carriages could be fitted with any of the following tubes (guns) Mark II, C Mark II, Mark III, C Mark III. In theory I suppose the various post war tubes could also have been fitted bur these carriages were not in use then.
Cross-reference to Indian Pattern FAT thread: here's a 25-pdr on Mk.2 carriage in use by the 15th Indian Corps at Elephant Point, south of Rangoon, May 1945:

Originally Posted by Hanno Spoelstra View Post

Photo No.: SE 3914
Photographer: Wackett F (Sgt)
No 9 Army Film & Photographic Unit
Collection No.: 4700-64
Description: Unloading a landing craft of troops and vehicles of the 15th Indian Corps at Elephant Point,
south of Rangoon at the beginning of operation 'Dracula', 2 May 1945.
Date: 2 May 1945
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