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Default "Holland was liberated by the Americans"?!?

Originally Posted by Hanno Spoelstra View Post
...but what about the OWI? According to the article Preparing for Victory. The U.S. Office of War Information Overseas Branch’s illustrated magazines in the Netherlands and the foundations for the American Century, 1944-1945 they were active in the Netherlands.

Judging from these two photos they were somehow taking part in the liberation of at least two towns. Strange, for a non-combattant unit? Laying the foundation to today's general public perception that "Holland was liberated by the Americans", that's for sure...
Triggered by a picture sent to me by Alex, I searched and came across this picture taken during the liberation of Amsterdam, 8 May 1945.

Take a close look and tell me what you see.... are these OWI people again?!?

Click image for larger version

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