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I was able to get the usual assortment of nylon, plastic and fine brass toothbrushes out today, along with a small electronics vacuum and an air gun set to 30 lbs., and get most of the dust and dirt cleaned from the chassis interior, followed by a careful wash and dry where needed.

Included in that process was the IPA 7 16 MC Flick Drive assembly from which the lower flick arm had become disconnected. The parts were in good shape and cleaned up well. The reassembly was straightforward and it is nice to see the parts back together again. I will refurbish the upper Indicator Flags on the three drives at a later date and try and get all that painting done and out of the way at once.

One thing to be aware of with this particular Flick Drive. It is not as secure in the chassis as the other two when freed from the front panel and has a tendency to wobble a bit if bumped.

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