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The two bottom sidepieces of the Sender chassis form the two rails it slides in and out of the Carriers No. 4 on, and they are held in place at the front of the chassis by the two lowermost panel screws. A pair of countersunk screws secures the back ends of these two rails.

Standing water a couple of inches in from the front of the rails had created a pair of noticeable rust blisters on these rails and I found these dug into the paint on the inner base of the Carriers enough to really make it hard to manoeuvre the Sender in and out of the Carriers as the rust blisters really dug into the paint.

The paint will eventually get stripped out of the interior of the Carriers, but in the meantime, I took advantage of the access to the bottom of the rails to buff the rust away and get a smooth metal surface back where it belonged.

One thing of note with these rails, as per the photos attached. They are heavy for their size and when the front set of retaining screws are removed, the rails have a tendency to swing towards each other. The one on the left about -inch and the one on the right about 1/8-inch. Since these rails hold the thread for the panel screws, they need to be pulled into alignment when the panel goes back on. A small set of spring clamps should work nicely.

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