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Default CANS, Metal, Shields Valve No. C1 ZA/CAN 4232

Two of the four 6V6G Valves in the Sender are shielded; V5B and V5C (the Driver Doubler and Driver respectively). They are visible right inside the Access Door with the two spring clip retainers secured against the tops of the two CANS with a wing nut.

The tops of both cans had accumulated water over the years, with V5C, closest to the front of the Sender being the worst. To get better cleaning access to the interior of the chassis, I pulled everything from the wing nut down to the CANS and decided to clean them up before reinstalling them. An interesting installation.

The wing nut was straight forward enough. The next down was a bit of a surprise; a small C-Clip. Popped it off and then the Spring Clamp for he CANS on V5C came off. Next a flat washer, followed by the Spring Clamp for CANS on V5B. At the bottom of the threaded post was the final flat washer.

It took a bit of cleaning but they now look aged, rather than totally neglected.

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