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Default COUNTERS, 0/9999 2-3/4 inch x 1-3/8 inch x 1-7/8 inch, No. C1 ZA/CAN 4642

A little bit more chassis cleaning has been done. The current project was to get all the oily soot off the phenolic board directly behind the two COUNTERS, and the two COUNTERS themselves.

The board is now done and the left hand COUNTERS. I have about half of the right hand COUNTERS to complete. It nice to see that when the small windows on the two COUNTERS were cleaned, the numbers went from a dull yellow, back to their original bright white look. I was hoping, but not totally certain, that would happen. They look to be well-sealed units, but one never knows what time and hostile conditions can do to things.

I do find these COUNTERS are VERY jumpy, for lack of a better word. The slightest movement of the assembly starts the dials turning. It takes a bit of patience to get the right side assembly in its correct position for mounting to the front panel. At that point the dial comes nicely to all zeros. It is going to be a very careful reinstall when the time comes.

Because these COUNTERS are so sensitive to movements, I am thinking they must have been assembled and shipped from the manufacturer, with some sort of retaining clip, or block, fitted to prevent any dial movement until they were installed on the Sender, and said clip, or block, was only removed once the COUNTERS were properly in place.

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