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I spent a slow, and reasonably careful (more on that later) morning today, cleaning up most of the Sender chassis interior. The sequence of soapy water toothbrush scrub, gentle air gun towards strategically placed paper towels, mild cleaner scrub with toothbrush, rinse, and air gun, is tedious work, not to forget mention of careful drying with Q-tips and more air gun, but the end result is rather pleasing when done.

If you scroll back to the second photo in Post #207, you will see the before image. Oily carbon soot everywhere. Now the phenolic boards are all shiny brown. I can actually see the colour traces in the main wiring looms. The colour code rings on the vertical stack of large resistors can been clearly seen again and all that scary carbon deposit is finally gone from the two large ceramic terminal plates and the rest of the BAND Selector Switch assembly. I will wait until just before reassembly to clean all the switch and relay terminals with DeOxit.

A few more items in the chassis remain to be cleaned, but I am finally over that particular hump and the remainder needs a bit more careful study of how best to position the Sender chassis, while in a disassembled state, to get safest access to the parts that still need attention for cleaning.

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