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Perhaps we should get rid of golf courses as well as golf clubs. Many a person has fallen victim to these otherwise innocuous tools of the game when used in a violent manner. Golf courses in and of themselves, are vast spaces of overly fertilized greenspace that would certainly be more suited for the Greater Good for things likes housing developments, or ahem, even as places to grow food... eg Farmland. Think of the children. The environment suffers. Your golfing is not important to me. Providing places to live in peace without the weapons of the game potentially used in domestic violence situations far outweighs your need for an otherwise stupid sport. If you can call beating a ball to death a sport.
Furthermore, golf and country clubs encourage immoral behavior and out of control drinking. We all know where this leads... Booze, driving home, domestic assault once you get home and the wife beats you over the head with a frying pan because you've been gone all day and now you're drunk.
On that note, the wife. The frying pan. Instruments of certain death in the kitchen. Knives. Rolling pins. Where does this madness stop???
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