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I will retrieve the C8 on Thursday
goodie, goodie!

Attached is a picture of Nick Bullock's C8 with the hooks on the well as the dash light near the centre pillar of the windscreen. Not all Cab 11's had the dash light....and the hooks were supposed to be cab12, but I actually think they might have been added late 1940 to cab11 production already.

That canvas frame is definately rare! I think Dave was lucky enough to find one years ago, but it's rare to find an original.

Tanks have definately been repositioned....probably in order to fit a larger bed/body. At first I thought it was one of the 8cwts with one of those lengtened 1A1/A2 bodies....but that wouldn't make sence as the canvas frame seems to be unaltered.

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Chevrolet C8 cab 11 FFW
BSA Folding Bicycle

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