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Post 3" Mortar Carrier

the ribbing that goes on between Aussies and Kiwis is always in good fun, I spent 7 of my best years in Newcastle NSW and probably have more Aussie friends than I do Kiwi ones.
At the end of the day the bond we have as nations forged all those years ago in Turkey is as strong today as it was then.

the NZ govt from 1939 took delivery 6 Bren Carriers, 54 Universal Carriers, 111 Mortar Carriers, one each Australian LP1 and LP2 and 21 Loyd Carriers. Note this list my be slightly inaccurate.
There is some evidence my carrier was possibly with NZ 3rd Division which went to the islands in 1943, Guadalcanal and Solomons, but I've yet to prove it.
Most of the Mortar Carriers were used in the Recce Regiments set up as anti-invasion units during the war.

when you say my Mortar Carrier is a No.1 MkII, does the No.1 mean Mk1?

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