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Default Have you done a search on past threads

Hi Steve

As you can guess your question has come up before, if you have not done so already try a search on phrases like "6 volt conversion" you will see some of the past thoughts and discussion.

What part of the world are you in as this will help in pointing you to parts sources?

The issue of conversion from 6 volt to 12 volt particularly on the Chevy is why are you making the change? Which will really effect what changes you need to make to convert over. Poor starting performance for example may or may not be fixed by changing to 12 volts.

I have a C60S and a C60L both are still running the 6 volt batteries without problems one of them is running a 261 engine which is higher compression using a 12 volt starter with the 6 volt battery and starts with not problem.

Many of my friends who run CCKWs here in the states have made the conversion without much difficulty. Things CMP Chevy that need to be changed that I can think of include the following:
Generator or alternator many of the HOT ROD Chevy places have straight conversions.
Instruments including fuel gages and fuel senders
Voltage regulators
Coil may not need to be changed if you add the standard voltage dropping resistor.
Light bulbs all of them

Most of my friends who have converted their CCKWs do not bother changing the starter as the 6 volt starter will normally handle it fine. Do change the brushes and clean the armature and be sure the bolts are all tight. There have been some issues with 12 volt starters and original 216 ring gear. The wrong combination will not engage correctly.

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