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Default RCAF Station Abbotsford

Abbotsford municipal airport uses two WWII era runways for it's operations today. RCAF Station Abbotsford was the war-time home of 24 EFTS and 5 OTU, if memory serves me correct. A portion of the airfield is now home to 192 Airfield Engineer Flight Abbotsford, my old unit. We worked hand-in-hand with the city who now owns the airport and practiced our BRATT (Base Repair after ATTack) and RRR (Rapid Runway Repair) techniques while at the same time effecting repairs or improvements to the facilties. Once while operating a Ditch-Witch to run electrical power to a new parking lot we started kicking up dozens of war-dated spent .50 BMG cases from what we assumed was where the armourers tested the defensive weapons of the B24's flown there during the war.
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