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Default You know you want one! M113A1 for sale.

Just passing this on:

I received a phone call from James Swan last night to advise that he was successful in his tender bid for the New Zealand M113 feet of 62 vehicles.The majority have the T50 Turret and are in running condition. He also has 4 x Fitters Carriers, 3 x M577 Command Carriers 1 x Mortar Carrier and 5 x M548 Supply Carriers.

Some of the Carriers have seen operational service in East Timor and Bosnia - all are painted in the NZ camouflage scheme.

All vehicles are currently located in Hamilton NZ. James is asking AUD $40,000 for the standard M113A1 with the T50 turret.

James Swan can be contacted on his email at:

I have asked for some photos of the fleet, which I will pass on when supplied.
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