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Default Re: You know you want one! M113A1 for sale.

Originally posted by Tony Smith

I have asked for some photos of the fleet, which I will pass on when supplied.
Those contemplating purchasing an M113, at least for combat purposes might want to reconsider after viewing my pics. The Golan Heights in Israeli occupied Syria is littered with the remains of AFV's from the Yom Kippur war. Just as the Brits found out in the Falklands, aluminum doesn't resist the effects of blast very well, and burns quite nicely once it gets going!
Here's a photo of an Israeli M113, or I should say, what remains of one! If you look closely you will see embedded in the aluminum:

Prisms from a pair of binoculars
Snaps from an Israeli uniform
A fork stamped in Hebrew
Several 7.62 mm bullets
Several burst 7.62 X 51 mm cases
Links from an FN M.A.G.

Very little remained of the M113. The hull melted and collapsed onto itself, with the fire burning right through the floor of the vehicle. A large Cedar tree has grown up in the ensuing years right through the middle of whats left of the M113! I searched the immediate area around the APC and found a fire scorched Israeli telephone token on the ground. There was one call home never made.
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