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Default OMVA "Bivouac" MV Event Aug 20/21, near Kingston,ON

Most of you are aware that this event will take place at Odessa near Kingston, Ontario once again - and this year will be the best ever!
To help us plan the layout we would like to get a better idea of how many vehicles we can expect so, those of you who plan to come, could you let me know, either here or by private message what vehicles you hope to bring? And if you plan to camp.

One other plea that I make every year - most of the public who visit the event have absolutely no idea about or vehicles - they don't know a jeep from a G-wagen. So, given that education especially of the younger folks is part of our mission, could you all either make up an info board or at least have a page tucked under the wiper saying what the vehicle is, its date, and its purpose?

Cheers - and look forward to seeing you in August.
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