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Originally Posted by Owen Genat View Post
Despite the many references to Formation signs and vehicle markings of the Australian Army 1903-1983 by Stephen Taubert I am unable to find this particular sign.

There are various references on these forums to the above mentioned work being available on CDROM. Apart from a mailing address I can find no contact information including an email address or phone number online.

Q2: Does anyone know if the work by Taubert is still available in electronic format? If 'yes' I would be delighted if someone could PM me an email address or phone number so I can acquire a copy for myself.

Any assistance appreciated.
Kind regards, Owen.
Owen, Taubert's "Formation Signs" work was also published on CD. Stephen's contact details have previously been provided on this and other fora before, but are now out of date.

I have sent you a PM.
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