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Default R975 help

I have posed a question on the HMVF site, but have not had any replies, so I will try here.
The spline cut on the crankshaft and in the flywheel are such that they can only be assembled in one location, and it happens to be at the top of the throw on the crankshaft. What are the possibilities that the flywheel/clutch is balanced (or un-balanced) to aid in the balancing of the rotating group in the motor? I am about to have the flywheel/clutch assembly precision balanced, and if it happens to be heavy at the high side, or 180 degree's from it, then one would presume the former to be true. But the next question would be how much weight is correct. When you have an assembly that is at least 175 pounds spinning up to 2,600 RPM, balancing would be very important for bearing life. Any thoughts or comments?

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