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Default FGH B Sqn tank in Doetinchem

T232615 was in fact a "B" Squadron tank, part of 3rd Troop, led by Lt. Holmes. It was hit in the top of the turret by a panzerfaust near Hooghalen on 12 April 1945, killing Cpl MacDonald.

By April of 1945, Squadron markings only appear on the back of the tank, as a yellow square, with the centre of the square apparrently painted black. A good example of this can be seen here.

As mentioned earlier the turret stars would be very unlikely for this period, but he large circled air recognition star on the turret would likely be present.

There is no photographic evidence showing troop numbers on the tanks in the later part of the war. Many FGH tanks in photos from that period carry few markings beyond the census number, and unit serial flash and 2CAB decal on the rear.

Gord Crossley
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