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Hello Kevin,

Hereby a photo for your collection.
This is an ex Fort Garry Horse M4A4 Sherman.
It is on static display in the town of Doetinchem, Holland.

FGH liberated Doetinchem and the relations between the Regiment and the city are still very alive!
This particular Sherman took part in the liberation of Doetinchem on April 1st 1945.
On April 12th 1945, it was hit by a panzerfaust on top of the the turret near the city of Hooghalen, killing the commander (Cpl Mc Donald) and one man wounded.

Very shortly after the war, this Sherman was collected from the Hooghalen area and put on static display in Doetinchem, so it is there for 60 years now.
You can still clearly see were the panzerfaust hit the turret.
The fact that this Sherman was Cpl McDonalds tank has always been known.

10 years ago, we were participating with another Sherman tank in a celebration in Nijverdal, and one of the FGH veterans on our turret was wearing a gold decoration clearly showing the city name "Hooghalen",
So I asked about the details of this decoration and (hardly to believe), this man was the the gunner in Cpl Mc Donalds tank and also the man who got wounded on April 12th.
The gunner, Peter Siemens, was very much surprised when we told him his tank was still on display in Holland.

As far as I know, the number "T-123615" is the original one.

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