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Default FGH Tank in Doetinchem

Hi All,

The memorial tank pictured in Doetinchem is currently wearing an incorrect Census Number.

The number should be T232615.

When the tank was last re-painted by the local community, in 1995, our museum sent samples of the size and style of lettering to be used. Unfortunately, the painters interpreted the string of sample numbers as the actual number.

This Sherman V was selected from returned stock in October 1945 to be used as a memorial. Marco is correct on the details of the crew and battle damage.

It was cleaned up and painted by the FGH while stationed in Doetinchem and presented to the town on 25 November 1945, shortly before the unit left for Canada.

In August of 1965, members of the FGH (Regular) built a new concrete base for the tank and moved it into a more prominent position in the park, where it still stands. At that time a plaque was added to the side, and a bronze regimental Gate and Scroll (now missing) to the transmission cover.

The 1965 repaint retained the correct census number, but had a mix of wartime and 1960s era insignia.

The 1995 repaint is correct except for the number, though the stars (added for appearance) are unlikely for the 1945 period.


Gord Crossley
FGH Museum and Archives
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