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Default Re: FGH Tank in Doetinchem

Originally posted by gcrossley
This Sherman V was selected from returned stock in October 1945 to be used as a memorial. Marco is correct on the details of the crew and battle damage.

It was cleaned up and painted by the FGH while stationed in Doetinchem and presented to the town on 25 November 1945, shortly before the unit left for Canada.
Here's a picture of T232615 being cleaned up and painted, just three days before it's formal presentation:

"Trooper J.L. Dumouchelle and Corporal W.L. Corn cleaning a Sherman tank of The Fort Garry Horse used as a monument in Fort Garry Park, Doetinchem, Netherlands, 22 November 1945

Credit: Capt. Ken Bell / Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-131691"
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