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Default Corowa accommodation

G'day all,
Well 2008 will be my first year of Corowa. And it seems the place to be is Ball Park Caravan Park. But reading the Proposal thread tells us that next year will be different with the airport featuring strongly. So my question is where else in Corowa can you expect to find welcoming accommodation? I ask this not only for myself but for the countless others that may visit these pages too, wanting info on their visit/holiday.
Are there other motels etc that people have experience with that are close to both locations?
And it depends on what length of stay you are after, but, what do people suggest is the best day to arrive and stay until?

As for me. After Corowa, I'd like to drive across to Canberra and visit the War Memorial. I haven't been there since I was a kid (I'm now 33).

Thanks to all in advance.
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