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Default Generating Set Questions

Hello all,
I should not be allowed out of the shed.

I have attended an auction near here recently

First a trip to the property for an inspection of the lots

Then bidding on line, a strange experience, and 2 more trips to drag it home

Among other things, I was the successful bidder on an old chev engine block with only 5 pistons in it at $40
This is now stripped out and will have the cylinders bored to make up the engine from the two trees with blitzs scenario

Click image for larger version

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There were a few items passed in to me, having failed to reach the estimated scrap value, after some persistent negotiations I was able to collect a BIG tyre pump and a BIG battery charger for under the reserved scrap value,
I left some of the others for the scrap man or another sale.

But Seriously, The compressor is an Ingersoll-Rand with a Waukesha 4 cylinder engine.
It is a WW2 ex army Ingersoll Rand 100/125CFM compressor, quite a few of these were imported into Aust. under Lend Lease. The single axle trailer is Australian made, the compressor and engine were of US origin, the whole thing was assembled here. The wheels are the standard 18" Australian trailer wheels
Interestingly this old tyre has the original pattern
The VIK engine is the same bore & stroke as the Oliver 80 K-D tractors. The Oliver 18/27/18-28 and 80 series used the VI series Waukesha engines. Oliver used those engines from 1930 till after World War 2

Click image for larger version

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The pintle ring has been repaired
The motor turns and has spark from the magneto, so with a clean of the petrol tank and carby, it should be a goer.
I will eventually make the square-ish style mudguards (like this) and paint it, I may even attach some tail lights

Click image for larger version

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I would be interested in maybe changing the manifold to a tractor heater system to enable it to run on power kerosene as this unit is.

Click image for larger version

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I wonder if Mike Kelly ever found another one to rat parts from? I am missing the air-cleaner

A pic from the internet. Same tread pattern

Click image for larger version

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