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Default Gaskets......

There are only 3 gaskets that I remember...... the top cover which I did with a ball peen hammer and exacto. The other two can be traced on gasket paper for the PTO cover and the round input shaft flange. I got a set of hole punches from PA to speed up the process. In a pinch you can use heavy craft paper used for grocery bags or large HD leaf bags from garden centers. I like to coat the craft or gasket paper with silicon between thumb and index..... just a smear.... and let it dry before assembly.

Check your individual bearings for pitting as they are nasty for holding water over the years of sweating on the inside or rain water by the shifter.

Is your rear cover in good shape with all the bolts intact??? Just curious but what is the rear cover made of..... white metal or cast iron...... make sure you loctite the bolts to the short drive shaft u-joint bolts on the yoke.

Have fun.

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