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Hi Phil,

I am using a variety of hole punches; a set with larger diameter punches in a red case as shown in the attachment, and another cheap Chinese set for smaller diameters. I am actually using the same set on rubber and canvas webbing as well....which works OK so far. Just make sure you are using the punch on a piece of soft wood, thick rubber or a cutting mat to protect the cutting edge from damaging.
Larger holes in the gasket are either cut by hand or done using the ball peen hammer method.

I always start with the holes and than cut the inside and outside contour of the gasket.....that works best for me. Doing it the other way round can lead to very thin areas in the gasket, or even cutting the gasket in half, if you punch the holes just a bit off.

Have you already cross posted to the How-To heading?
I have only added tips from others so far, but should make some updates anyway

Your method of adding a ruler to the scan is a good double check on the size that the computer, or printer is not trying to out think us and re-scale things
Yes, the function "scale to fit" is killing with this sort of's easy to miss and your print may look 100%, but may actually be 98,7%!

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