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Default Chevrolet C8 1940 Cab 11 restoration, The Netherlands

Hello all, I think most of you will remember that I purchased a cab 11 Chevrolet C8 restoration project from Dirk Leegwater a few years first step from scale models to an actual 1:1 MV. It took a while before I actually started the project and I decided to have a go at a BSA folding bike first to gather some experience. The BSA still needs a few things done, but in the meantime I have started on the C8, and I figured that now would be a good time to start a restoration blog.

Attached you will find some pictures of when my truck was delivered by Dirk and Stefan.

The truck was brought from Canada a number of years ago, along with a few of it's C8 brothers and F8 cousins, after spending years in the Elliot Brothers yard in Ontario.


p.s. old thread: Oh no.....bought a CMP! Chev C8 cab 11
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Chevrolet C8 cab 11 FFW
BSA Folding Bicycle

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