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Phil, Mike, thanks for your comments. I will certainly try to enjoy every bit of the CMP restoration and keep you updated on the progress. I am already enjoying it by the way....especially when seeing the look on the faces of our neighbours when I tell them our garden ornament will drive again

The frame does look good on the pictures, but even though it wasn't banana shaped, it still needed some work every here and there. Before blasting I straightened the rear cross member, which actually was quite easy.
One of the other things that needed attention was one of the braces on the rear cross member. The left one was partially gone. The proper way would probably be to replace the whole brace, but I don't have the facilities to replace rivits and I didn't want to replace them with bolts. So, I choose to cut the remains, clean the corner and weld some fresh steel. A template was made from the right brace.
I still have to drill one hole in the new plate, which is used to bolt the body to the chassis, but I will do that when the other chassis jobs are done.

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