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One of the last things to do on the chassis was to remove the "threaded pin" used to secure the left front leaf spring. According to the manual it was just a matter of "unscrew the pin", but after 70 years this was not as easy. As the pin taper towards the ends, it is very hard to grab it with any kind of tool, so after several attempts I used heat to get it going. I heated up the casting and it was actually pretty easy to remove the pin and the bushing (which has actually merged into one after all these years) with slight tapping with a hammer.

I measured the chassis points according to the MB-C1 manual, and even though the C8 is not covered in this manual, the technique is the same. One measurement was slightly off, so I decided to use a strap and see what happened. It only took a few minutes and the chassis was completely within tolerance.
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