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Removing the shock absorbers from the C8 was pretty easy. They even have good resistance when I move the arms up and down, but I have to figure out what to do with one of the links, as the end is broken off.....and will also have to source new rubbers as most dried out.

The wheel nuts prove to be a real pain. I figured it would be wise to loosen them up at this stage in stead of when the axles were removed from the truck. At least I could now benefit from the weight of the truck.
The nuts from three wheels were easily removed, but the left rear wheel was a different case. I used penetrating fluid, heat and a long arm to get 5 of them undone, but that last one.... Well, one of the pictures show a few of the tools I wrecked in the process....a breaker bar was successfull with the first few nuts, but with that last one.....well...what's in a broke. I welded it again and tried, but no luck. In the end I ground down the end and used it as bar to use with another tool and so on, and so on. French army spanner broke. In the end I used the angle grinder to cut the nut of and than finally I could get the wheel off.

The chassis was initially sprayed in a black primer after sand blasting and I brushed another few coats on afterwards and after all repairs. Now all work was done, I sanded down the chassis, removing all paint streaks, hairs of the paint brush etc. I than sprayed on a coat of primer, waited a week or so and than applied a first coat of Khaki Green nr. 3. I hope I can spray a second coat tomorrow.

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