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Originally Posted by frichtie View Post
So this is "hand-made"? If so, I'm not gonna try to find some for my bike...
It would appear by your photo that perhaps there is now a smaller license plate in the DND system. The hole locations on your p[late would preclude the possibility of putting the little maple leafs onto the corners. I'll have to look those up when I get back from holidays and see when they were introduced into the system.

All DND plates are in a way hand-made. They come as blanks with only the word Canada on them. The numbers and little leafs are applied by either the base supply major equipment section, or (officially not supposed to happen anymore) the transport section. There were early plates in which the maple leafs were embossed on the plate, and as well early plates had DND embossed instead of Canada, although these were supposed to be later modified with a CANADA plate rivetted over the DND.

I say that the units "officially" are not supposed to be making plates themselves, because if a plate is lost or stolen, then the vehicle is supposed to be assigned a new CFR and the old one becomes redundant. However, in reality, a new plate is usually made up and thats the end of it.
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