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Default Cfr 10908 klr 250

It is now a few days since another military vehicle roller coaster started to unfurl around me.

It was one evening last week after exchanging PMs with Grant Hopkins in BC who owns a KLR ex USMC about the KLR I had bought a year ago in an evening of enthusiasm and blind desire and a massive lack of caution. I bought a green bike that was a civvy bike that had been added to with every known issue part.

It was a replica or fake depending on which way you presented it.

I said to Grant in my PM that I thought it unlikely that I would ever find a complete genuine ex CF machine.

Well, the passage of half an hour proved me wrong when I found one Kijiji in Alberta a listing for one such machine. You could have knocked me over with a feather, I was dumbstruck.

I sent an email to the seller and within a few hours we were talking by phone and had struck a deal to purchase.

It as is often the case under trying circumstances that Matthew Reid is selling this machine and I recognise that his misfortune is my gain and that I am buying a machine that has been someones pride and joy.

This has become so very clear in all the attention to detail that he has lavished into researching everything about the machine. The wealth of knowledge that he has acquired and the lengths he as gone to is brilliant.

Matthew bought the bike from CADC directly and has not repainted the machine so all the markings are without question genuine. Can anyone comment on the call sign on the fuel tank? is it 915 or 91S?

I am going to start posting some pictures here and I have a few more to post tonight.

Once again, my deepest thanks to Matthew who is an absolute gent to deal with.

I am now working on the shipping.
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