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Thanks for the comments, I am very ahppy after letting myself get burned last year on the wanna be KLR.

Yes very complete and the former owner has sent loads of information with it and there are spares included as well.

I emailed with a friend who is former PPCLI and a generally knowledgeable bloke and he explained this:-

"Callsign 91 is applied to different entities depending on the level (Formation/HQ/Manoeuvre Unit/Sub-unit etc.)

In the context of a unit in this case 1st, 2nd or 3rd Bn PPCLI, C/S 91 would be applied to the Signals Platoon. 91 Signals Officer, 91 A, B are for Remote Rebroadcasting Sites/Dets for example.

91S was Signals Stores. See below, it changes over time so the date the kit was in use will change the context. For example 91R used to be Signals Repair, it has morphed into sub callsigns for each LCIS tech in that section.

If we are talking the 90s it is safe to say it was a Sigs platoon rover/liaison/delivery platform.

CO 9


Sig O 91


Crypto DA/FC 91B

Helpdesk 91C

Lineman 91L

Lineman 91L1

LCIS Tech 91R

LCIS Tech 91R1

LCIS Tech 91R2

Sig Stores 91S

If anyone can shed any more light I am interested to know more
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