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Originally Posted by Lang View Post

All dealer vehicles were given a "pegged" price up until the late 40's.

This was an attempt to prevent price gauging in a market with shortage of supply and high demand.

Of course a huge black market existed and many of Australia's most famous car dealers made their fortune during this period. They quite openly advertised cars at their set price but you had little chance of getting it unless you arrived with a brown paper bag!

Private owners/sellers were much less restricted.

I will have a look at the 1946-48 classifieds and see what prices people ( not dealers ) were asking for Jeeps. Should be interesting !

The early disposal Jeeps , you would have a better chance of getting a Jeep in unmolested condition. With the later disposal sales in the late 50's and early 60's , by then most of the WW2 Jeeps would have been through a major rebuild in army workshops, with engine , chassis swaps etc.

One Jeep wreck I had , the Jeep was a faded blue/grey with "RAAF" and the RAAF reg number on the bonnet ( still have the number somewhere if anyone's interested. ) Post war use in the RAAF .

A 1941 Willys slat grill I purchased in Albury in 1976 , DOD 31st Dec. 41 . This Jeep had a white US star and USA reg blue number on the bonnet under many layers of green . Must have been transferd over the the Aust. army / who knows ?
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