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Originally Posted by MicS View Post
Great photo again, with a full view of the Memorial tank's rear markings, which will be useful in its restoration!
And for my model of it

Originally Posted by MicS View Post
I wonder what the small marking just under 'CHERRY 6' on the wading trunk might be?
I just looked at the photo in the magazine with a strong magnifier, and itís either too small to read in the print, or itís simply a line somebody painted under the name. I lean towards the latter, because it seems to be about as thick and even as the strokes that make up the letters. Though it could, of course, also be that somebody used a smaller brush to paint something underneath.

Originally Posted by MicS View Post
Note that the Memorial tank still has its spare chains on the turret side on this photo.
Those were on it for a fair while, but Iíve not yet pinned down when they seem to have been taken out.
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