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I guess it was a long shot query but it sounds like another case of being too late . The shredder has done the deed !

I have a job that involves installing a WS19 in a M.G.carrier Aust. 2A.

Any pics or relevant information would be appreciated. We do know the location of the two control boxes within the hull , but not their type , there were many types of control boxes issued .

We need: dog bone 6 pin connector , mic/headphone harness, 12 pin plugs, and two 6 pin sockets.

The set itself is a rare AWA WS 19 (Aust.) which is a ideal match for the
Aust. carrier.

My own collection of 19 set equipment , mostly went to QLD many years ago , to a chap who at the time ,restored Grant tanks.
1940 cab 11 C8
1940 Morris-Commercial PU
1941 Morris-Commercial CS8
1940 Chev. 15cwt GS Van ( Aust.)
1942-45 Jeep salad

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