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Originally Posted by Mike Kelly View Post
Actually, I'd better post what I emailed to the owner about the photographs:


Birc04 p.63 shows a Wireless Set No.19 on Carrier No.25 (with waterproof cover in place) as a demountable station. The aerial base is fitted to a mounting that clamps on to the Jeep 'tub' side.
Aerial Base No.8 is fitted and the 'original' design of 'F' rods (because of the rubber tubing slipped over the joint to stop the top section falling out). Underneath the set carrier will be a wooden board with a pair of clamps that hold the carrier (the same clamps as are fitted to radio tables in wireless trucks for use with Carrier No.3 or 23).

Birc04 p.122 has an Aerial Base No.10 Mk.2 (I think) permanently bolted to the left wing with a feeder cable clamped to the top of the base. The aerial at the rear of the vehicle looks like it is part of the Wireless Set No.18 (or 68) visible behind the spare wheel.

Birc04 p.124 - It's a WS19, the WS22 did not use a variometer. (The variometer is mounted on top of the power supply unit.)

Birc04 p.148 - Another WS19, on either Carrier No.1 or No.25. Again, using the clamp-on aerial base No.10. Someone has broken the aerial feeder on the rear of the variometer and connected the feeder cable to the internal terminal (that feeder plate was very fragile).

Birc04 p.180 - Yes, WS19HP.

Birc04 p.185 - Wireless Set 19 HP (using RF Amplifier No.2 Mk.3 because it has the square air filter on the rear of the case). Aerial Tuning Inductance No.1 (with a ceramic insulator on the rear) is another clue.

Birc04 p.216 - not sure what the set is, it might be a Canadian WS52 but the batteries are in the trailer behind the Jeep!

Ware96 p.51 - That's a Wireless Set No.62, possibly in Carrier No.65. The aerial base is fitted to the mounting for the WS19 'B' set aerial, using an adapter plate to convert the 4 holes (for Base No.9 Mounting No.1) to the 6 holes for Base No.10. The set (and battery) carrier was used for the vehicle, sledge and animal pack station.


That was an interesting set of different Jeep installations.

(If anyone needs a closer look at the individual bits I think I've got most of them - including most of the WS62 vehicle or trailer installation hardware and can probably arrange photographs eventually.)

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