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Default Update

A little more done this Sunday... the WHERE WE ARE section of Corowa30 has been fleshed out a bit, and has expanded beyond it's simplistic original intent (a map and related information) to include one aspect of Corowa which tends to make it a little different than most military vehicle shows.

The fact remains, Corowa has also long been a popular family-oriented event, where girlfriends, wives and children (not necessarily all at the same time ) have shown an equal interest in attending along with their male partners; we've elected to highlight this unique aspect of Corowa on this site.

We start with the story of two ladies who drove their jeep down to the event over several days, and then link to a new page (yet to be completed) which we intend will highlight the family orientation and enthusiasm of Corowa. From there we proceed to a link which will take you to another yet-to-be-scripted page which will include an interactive map of Corowa -- that is my next 'assignment'!

You can view today's output here: What and where is Corowa?

Thanks for your continuing interest! We drive on...

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