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Old 06-11-12, 21:33
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Default Introduction

Couldnt find a "new member's" thread

Vaguely in the mists of time thought I'd belonged to this forum before - but seems not - perhaps my recollection is misplaced from the old Mil-Veh mailing list days.

My interests are all WW2, mainly:

British Airborne, British Army Wireless Equipment and the Eureka/Rebecca system. Operation's Dragoon, Overlord, Market.


1945 Ford GPW (British Airborne Modified)
1943 Orme Evans 10cwt Trailer
1943 75mm Pack Howitzer M1A1 on Carriage M8 (British Airborne Modified)
194? M3A1 White Scout Car (to be restored)

Some names I know from other forums (where I predominantly exist under the pseudonym of "Packhow75", some from places like Beltring on-somme.

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Old 06-11-12, 23:35
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Default welcome

Welcome to the forum mate.

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Old 26-11-12, 16:08
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Derek Heuring
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Default Greetings

Welcome aboard Tim. You won't find a greater concentration of knowledge for each of the various topics presented than on this forum.

CHIMO! Derek.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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