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Old 16-07-09, 12:02
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John W.
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Default Another Studebaker weasel coming to Australia

I just received word that my Swedish weasel is being shipped today. Should arrive in Mid September This weasel will compliment my 'weasel collection' . The weasel is being shipped on a big pallet in a share container (LCL)
When it arrives, I will then have enough parts to assemble two amphibious weasels. Current thinking though is to pick the best from both weasels plus use my cache of NOS goodies to assemble a really scmick floater. Not sure if I will ever have the time to do the second weasel though. Someone else in the future might get themselves a good project .
Although initially more costly, I have found that in my case purchasing a complete vehicle from overseas is more cost effective to ship out here than shipping individual parts.
Anyway thats all for tonight
John Wilson
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Old 17-07-09, 04:18
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Default good idea

Yes its the best option .

If you buy the parts seperately..its not good sense financially . I've seen things like instruments and dash panels and switches on EPAY , sell for ridiculous money .. almost for the cost of a whole vehicle..

Some people buy a wreck, pull it to pieces and sell everything seperately.. Go to any car wreckers and you'll pay outrageous prices for stuff they have bought for almost nil.

You can buy a new XF Falcon bonnet from Rare spares for $950 ( their current price list ) ... or buy two or three whole cars for the same money
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