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Old 04-02-15, 06:25
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Default SOLD - BSA Airborne Bicycle, 2nd model, COMPLETE and ORIGINAL

BSA R37618 (tool pouch and tools not shown in this photo as they were packed away)

A member of 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion riding one. He was wounded in Normandy and is shown back in the UK recovering.

Original BSA second model, circa 1943. Model 40 saddle, WAR GRADE tires, BSA grips, BSA puch in peg pedals, original paint, original decals, old British Bakelite black pump believed to be correct, original tool pouch and the two special BSA marked wrenches. SOLD 2015 MARCH

Bike shows use but Bubba never got at it.

I have owned about 10 of these over the years and when you do a search on the Internet for BSA Airborne Bicycle, my web site pops up. I kept the best two and am now downsizing to one.

These did NOT come with fenders. A VERY RARE lamp exists (I have one with my first model that I am keeping) and most sellers and owners display the wrong lamp with these bikes (i.e. a belt lamp with drop down visor shade - which is NOT a bike lamp!)

CONDITION: All original. No repairs or repainting etc. Paint is scraped in places and there is some surface rust. ALL ORIGINAL (though I am not sure if the inner tubes are original or not.) This is MUSEUM DISPLAY CONDITION. I displayed it, the first model and two Welbikes at the recent MVPA Convention in Portland, Oregon.

If one wants to ride it, you should replace the seat (saddle) with a Brooks Model B-17 and replace the tires and tubes ... and oh yes, do not ride down any steep hills as the brakes are old and original too.

PARTS ARE VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO OBTAIN. You can find examples of these bikes for less, but they usually have had the tyres, pedals and seat replaced.

This is NOT the Parabike. That was a non-folding post-war version of similar appearance and too many collectors use that incorrect term.

Type used by British and Canadian Airborne, By Commandos and by Canadian and British infantry on the D-Day landing in Normandy. Also used by Hasty Pees in Sicily and carried on the back of at least one Canadian Sherman in Sicily-Italy.

For more photos, contact me at

Located in Richmond, B.C. Note that there are some countries that I will NOT ship to and these now include Italy and Brazil due to problems.









Colin MacGregor Stevens, CD
Richmond, BC

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