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Old 10-02-03, 05:45
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Default Dodge M37 Cdn. 3/4 ton family

Am looking for information on ex-Canadian Forces PIV (photo interpretation van) trucks. Apparently 6 of the 1953 year M-152 utility vans were converted by Workshop #202 (Montreal) circa 1965, into mobile field darkroom trucks to be used for developing air recon photos taken by L-19 Cessna "Birddog" spotter planes. I own one survivor (#3) and have found another (#2) laying on its side in a field of Georgia mud. Would like photos, interior layout drawings, list of carried equipment or memories of service in one to aid in restoration. Where did the other 4 go ? Easy to recognize in that the roof line was raised about 2' and the four windows on each side were plated over. Single rear door like the M-152s. Large fold down table bolted to the exterior of the passenger side rear body. Many thanks for any and all info. Robert Dabkowski in Toronto.
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Old 11-02-03, 02:31
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Default 3/4 stuff, et al

Rob: excellent post script. I love an English turn of phrase, but I especially appreciate Latin turns such as you wrote: Veni, Vidi, Velcro...brilliant.

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