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Old 15-07-21, 09:12
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I just heard that Rod Bellars in Ozz has died today 15/7/21 at age only 60. I'm not sure when he last visited this site but I know he was well known by many.

His continual working on heavy armoured vehicles and artillery pieces in shorts and flip flops, could not be conducive to healthy living.

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Old 15-07-21, 13:59
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Hello Ron,

Sorry to hear that. Thanks for letting us know, I have changed his account to reflect this sad fact.

BTW, he hadn't been active on this Forum since September 2016.
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Old 21-07-21, 03:40
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David Gordon
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It was stage 4 GBM brain cancer. Was stage 3 when they found out about it and did one surgery to slow the growth down but prognosis was terminal from the start.

His wife Amy who lives in Singapore has Lloyds out of Melbourne taking the collection so it will probably be awhile before you start seeing aspects of it up for sale since its five large sheds to sort and catalog. Not to mention them having to figure out what everything is.

Rod and I had been trading partners since we brought in the first container from him back in January 2000 and we received literally tons of his collection purchases in Texas to forward back every other year. You'd be amazed at the stuff we'd accumulate to export back to him.

He'll be sadly missed and was a wealth of information to those that really knew him.
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Old 15-08-21, 06:19
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Rick Cove
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With Rod's passing, I asked Amy what her plans are. Well, looks like LLoyds Auctions have the job and already a lot of the bigger items have been moved to their premises. No idea yet as to when the auction will take place, but it will be interesting.

Cheers Rick.
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Old 20-11-21, 21:40
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Wink Trophy Guns

Looks like a lot of Trophy guns awaiting their Fate, are they in a secured lockup though? Cheers Andrew.
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Old 21-11-21, 00:39
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Originally Posted by Andrew Rowe View Post
Looks like a lot of Trophy guns awaiting their Fate,.....
Where did that Pic com from? Have they listed an auction yet?
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