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Default one for South Australia

I heard on the local radio station today that it is 100 years ago today since the first Australian drivers lisence was issued to a Dr Hargraves in South Australia.They then had listeners calling in to tell their version on how they got their lisence. In my day we used to go to the local police statiion and they would take you for a drive around the block and back to the station to fill in the paper work. My cousin actually drove his cmp to get his truck lisence, it wasn't even registered and got away with it as it was used for Bushfire fighting. Has anyone got some other stories to tell?

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Default When the time comes

Even though I have a commerical drivers licences and have had one since I was 18 one of these days I'll have to take the road test again and when I do.
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Talking Driver's Licences

My Grandfather Thomas Horley was born in 1911 and his brother Jack was 2 years older than him.

He told me once, that when driver's licences were introduced in South Australia; my great grandmother sat both sons around the table and suggested that they get a licence in the name of Jack Thomas Horley - that way they could both use it.

Needless to say, Pupa said that, that wasn't the right thing to do and he got his own.

In my father's day, one only had to front to the local Police Station as Max has already posted. But if you already had a licence and wanted to upgrade to a higher class (i.e. Truck) the Sergeant just had to sign that he thought that you were competant to have that class of licence - guess it helps when your nephew is the station sergeant hey.

In my day (nearly "just last week"), my mates in the country would get their "learners permit" at one country Police Station, then drive to the next town and get their "probitionary licence" - all in one day.

Me - I was a late starter as far as licences. I drove my first load of wool bales on a 36' trailer behind an International Primemover at 15. Not having any licence certainly didn't stop me. Fortunately neither did the Police.

I eventually got a licence at 19 ( three years late for South Australia ) after that same cousin Police Officer - and his brother-in-law, another Police Officer, threatened to come after me and throw the book at me.

Have been driving ever since. I am now what you would call a professional driver, test driving for one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world. 500kms per day in eight hours - and all in the latest cars - and I get paid to do it. ( life's tough )

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