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Old 27-10-22, 11:18
Bruce MacMillan Bruce MacMillan is offline
a Canuck/Brit in Blighty
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Default auction in Alberta

just saw this on another group. Some interesting stuff.
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Old 30-10-22, 05:33
cmp truck cmp truck is offline
Ian Cooper
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Default just checked out auction

I was there today. Most if not all the mv's were frame off or pretty intense restoration jobs. The M35 and M934 were okay as was the M37 and M43 but the last two still need work. I am not sure why the GM and Dodge cab and chassis were there. Maybe civvy trucks used by the army. The White(?) cab and chassis was nice. It was labelled as a refueller, but again some solid time working on the thing. The Brit stuff all came out of BATUS and was in rough shape. The guy did say he was keeping everything for future preservation, but he was not going to restore any of the items.
Inside the building there were many items labelled incorrectly and/or mismatched. The Garand and the No4. Mk1's were already high up in price as were some other items such as the practise bomb but oddly enough, not the Springfield. There is is a lovely Czech 7.92 mm Mauser and it is also starting to get expensive. Other items were also being bid up to a high price, and in my opinion, overpriced which irritated me as I was planning on bidding on them and this is only day one of the bidding. Since I am bidding on some of the mismatched and incorrectly labelled items, sorry, I can't tell you what they are.
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Old 30-10-22, 18:47
rob love rob love is offline
carrier mech
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Good luck to Arlon Bauer, who used to come on this forum once in a while. Arlon used to come around the Calgary show during setup, and would buy the unique items, and never dickered. I see one or two items in this auction that I previously owned.
The auction has gained good exposure through print media as well as social media. I must have had 5 different guys send me the link as well as a couple of the clubs I am affiliated with.

None of the bidding right now means anything, (aside from setting the bottom price) as the real bidding takes place in the last few minutes. And, unlike the auctions of yesteryear, you are not bidding against the 200 people who showed up, but you are bidding against anyone with a computer and an interest.

Damn covid, I used to really like going to a farm or equipment auction...the wife did too but she did not bring home the treasures like I did, but we did enjoy ourselves. It just isn't the same on the internet. It would seem the days of going to a good farm auction, having a hot dog and piece of pie while tapping your toe to the auctioneer's rhythm, are a thing of the past.

One of the shortcomings of these auctions can be the quality (or lack thereof) of the photos. As a result, lesser examples of an item will end up selling for the price of a higher example.

I also note errors in the descriptions, and as with so many of these auctions, the auction house are not experts in this particular field, and the descriptions by the owner get muddled by the auction house. This auction is particularly brief on the descriptions.

Anyway, I know where I will be sitting on Tuesday at 11 in the AM.
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Old 02-11-22, 05:55
Harry Moon Harry Moon is offline
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Default if only...

I had room, those Chevy's were good trucks with a lot of hard to find parts and while only in pictures they were a deal.
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Old 02-11-22, 07:21
rob love rob love is offline
carrier mech
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The CMPs did not go for much....most in the mid-$500 range. The real sleeper in the vehicles was the M116A2 trailer which sold for $350. Had I only been closer....

I bought about 5 lots. It would have been more if I was closer.
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Old 02-11-22, 10:42
Hanno Spoelstra's Avatar
Hanno Spoelstra Hanno Spoelstra is offline
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Quite a few CMPs
Military Vehicles
1985 AM General M923 5ton 66 Drop Side With New Canvas Vinnlojh-C523-07471. Cummins Diesel Registered In Alberta (Cost Of Rebuild To US Army Still On Drivers Door)
1968 Kaiser Jeep Corporation M35A2 21/2tomn 66 Vin 0625-100-16 With Canvas Multifuel Diesel ( 1300 Hrs On Full US Army Overhaul)
1989 MJ Bedford 4ton 4X4 Fuel Truck Vin SBEMJ2BMKT203497 Needs out of Province
1989 MJ Bedford 4 Ton 4X4 Dropside With Canvas Vin SBEMJP2BMKT201802 (Need Out Of Province)
1988 MJ Bedford 4ton 4X4 Dropside With Canvas Vin SKFMJP2BMJT 100906km On Truck Since Out Of Province Inspection. Registered In Alberta
1998 TM Bedford 8ton 4X4 Dropside Vin WNV3NPOLW700744 (Needs Out Of Province)
1989 TM Bedford 8Ton 4X4 Picker Truck (Complete Rebuilt Drivetrain By British Military Good Parts Truck) Atlas Picker
1944 Ford CMP With Winch 60cwt. ( Yellow No Box) Cab13 Parts Or Restoration
1944 Chev CMP Fire Truck C-60l Vin 4844302620 (Red) Cab13 Restoration
1942 Chev CMP Tow Truck 1500cwt Vin 1844413623 ( From Ponoka)Cab13 Restoration
1944 Chev CMP Cargo Truck 60cwt. Vin 384433667 With Winch ( Red)Cab13 Restoration
1942 Ford CMP 1500cwt Flat Deck 240 6cyl. IHC Engine, Trans Runs Drives But Has Been Sitting For A While. Restoration

1952 M43 Dodge Ambulance Vin # 91400906 Parts Or Restoration
1954 M37 Dodge 3/4 Ton Vin 91402790 Runs. Has Pto For Winch Restoration
Fuel Tanks Fit Bedford Or Leyland Daff 4ton 44 Trucks 2 2200 Liter Tanks Full Water Supression Filters Diesel Pump,Hoses Multi Hose In Storage Box Top Of Oilpail Racks Complete Ready To Go To Work(Same As On Bedford Fuel Truck)
1953 White COE Aircraft Fueler Cab And Chassie Vinl105966 ( Needs Starter To Run And Drive) Restoration\
1944 White 1/2track Cab And Chassis Decent Tracks Parts
1960 42 5ton Military Dump Box
1944 Massey 81 (Used For Aircraft Tugs)
M29 Studebaker Weasel With Post War Cab And Spare Engine And Transmission Parts Or Restoration
1944 Chev CMP Cab And Chassis 60cwt. (Blue) Cab13 Parts Or Restoration
Here's an example what one could get for CAD 550:

Click image for larger version

Name:	lot8.jpg
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