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Default Article about Flaw in Russian Tanks in Ukraine

Hello All,

I found this article about what some media outlets are referring to as a 'lollipop', when the turret is blown off a tank. Accessed 13th May 2022 from,

Kind regards
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The "Floor" is probably too strong, which may assist the blast to remove the lollipop? That's a pun, or a play on words.........
The weakness in the Russian tanks is probably common to all tanks in this day and age.... They can't hover for a while before they "attempt" to hide. They leave tracks or wheel marks and if you can overcome that???? how do you hide the heat signature? The writer is hopeless.
I think the "grunt" on shank's pony is more likely to get home alive, after the battle, more so, than the troops in anything motorised?

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So many questions....

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