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Old 31-12-09, 21:49
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BCBlitz BCBlitz is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Nelson, BC, Canada
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Default Happy new year ! !

Well another year is about to pass us by, not sure if thats a good things as that means Im another year older and another year wiser !

But all in all was good to us here even in the middle of these economic times as occasionally we have to take inventory of our life and than it seems we are all very well off in many ways especially being the landlords of old green Canadian iron

Hope 2010 is good to all you MLUers out there across the globe and thank you all for your help in 2009 that many of you have given me when asked upon.

Joy and greetings from British Columbia Canada to all of you.
British Columbia , Canada

1942ish F15441-M
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Old 31-12-09, 22:38
Registered User
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Tracadie New-Brunswick
Posts: 522

Thanks and the same frome New-Brunswick
Eric Thibodeau
1942 willys Jeep
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Old 31-12-09, 23:05
lynx42 lynx42 is offline
Rick Cove
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Paynesville, AUSTRALIA
Posts: 1,864

Happy New Year from Down Under to you all.

We spent last night on the water in my brothers 40 foot Clipper eating prawns and watching the local fireworks welcome in the New Year. It was great, balmy weather with electrical summer storms all around the hills. The natures light show was almost better than the fireworks.What a way to welcome in 2010.

So it looks good for the next 12 months and the new decade.

Plenty of green machines to get stuck into.

Corowa Swim-in is coming up fast with many many entries coming in. This years theme is 'The Year of the Jeep'. so the MV scene in OZ is rocketing ahead.

New Years Resolution is to fit a new engine to the White Scoutcar, and to start the restoration on my Ford Lynx.

Once again, A Happy New Year to you all.
1916 Albion A10
1942 White Scoutcar
1940 Chev Staff Car
1940 F30S Cab11
1940 Chev WA LRDG "Te Hai"
1941 F60L Cab12
1943 Ford Lynx
1942 Bren Gun Carrier VR no.2250
Humber FV1601A
Saracen Mk1(?)
25pdr. 1940 Weir No.266
25pdr. Australian Short No.185 (?)
KVE Member.
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Old 31-12-09, 23:38
Bill Murray Bill Murray is offline
Dog Robber
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Location: Kennesaw (Atlanta, Ga.), USA
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Greetings and a Most Happy New Year from perhaps the only member in the Old South USA state of Georgia.

Lousy year for business but everything else was OK and I am sure 2010 will start off a new and better decade.

Always enjoy the friendship I have found here over many, many years.

Dog Robber Sends
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Old 01-01-10, 00:11
Phil Waterman Phil Waterman is offline
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Temple, New Hampshire, USA
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Default Well Bill Happy New Year from the Old North

Hi All

Though I'm jumping the gun by 3 hours 51 minutes. Happy New Year from New Hampshire USA

Guess I'll just have to go out and drive a CMP tomorrow so I'll have an official start to the year.

By the way it is snowing.

Cheers Phil
Phil Waterman
`41 C60L Pattern 12
`42 C60S Radio Pattern 13
`45 HUP
New e-mail
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Old 01-01-10, 00:31
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Hanno Spoelstra Hanno Spoelstra is offline
MLU Administrator
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Location: The Netherlands
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Half past new year's here in Holland.

Here's to us all having a great CMP year!

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Old 01-01-10, 08:21
Daniel Treasure Daniel Treasure is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Geraldton Western Australia
Posts: 88
Thumbs up happy new year

happy new year to all and to all a good cmp!
Wheat Cockey
1944 C60X (Aust)
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Old 01-01-10, 22:45
Keith Orpin Keith Orpin is offline
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Oxford,UK
Posts: 360

It's still New years day here in England, so I guess I can still wish all other fellow MLUper's a Happy New Year !. Be interesting to see what 2010 brings, especially, after the events we attended last year.

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